Join us for an energizing and intimate workshop that will help you ignite your goals and intentions for the new year/decade. 


DATE: Saturday January 18th 2020

TIME: 3:30pm - 6:30pm

LOCATION: 2053 Danforth Ave 

Rate: $45

**After registering for the workshop you will be sent an email with details of how to prepare for each class.**

Activate and Elevate your Mind Body and Soul

 Participate in an expressive movement and intention dance class that will help you connect to your divine feminine power 

Breathe through an uplifting stretch and light conditioning class 

Activate your creative energy through meditation and visualization 

Get your mindset right by unlocking your greatness 

Join our group conversation where the focus is to help raise the collective consciousness 


  Looking to be surrounded and supported by other women who are ready and wanting to step into their full potential in all aspects of their lives

You are ready to be the best version of yourself 

On a spiritual and self-development journey, striving to break out of societal norms and expectations 

You are open to and wanting to activate your creative energy and power so that you can be more intentional in your life and the lives of others

You are an artist, creator and or performer, and you teach and or create from a very spiritual place

You are ready to take the necessary steps to reach your goals and you are in need of an extra boost of positive and creative energy 

If you are not sure how to connect your mind body and soul to achieve your goals but you are on a journey and wanting to figure it out 

 If you answered yes to one or all of the above then this workshop is for you. We welcome you as you are and where you are on your journey.  This will be a very intimate workshop, spots are limited to only 20 ladies who are ready to start the year off on the right track.

Let us support and uplift each other

  Our goal for the IGNITE workshop is to help you activate and elevate your mind body and soul with the spirited energy, flexibility, clarity, peace, creativity, confidence, excitement and drive that is needed to ignite your goals/intentions. 

We want you to feel

A sense of peace within yourself to move forward confidently with your intended goals.

Rejuvenated and ready to meet challenges as they come knowing that your mind, body and soul has been prepared to do so.

IGNITED from within

This space promotes and encourages

 Body positivity

Self care 


Positive and magnetizing energy






We have an amazing line up of women who are ready to help you IGNITE your goals and intentions


Let me tell you how this workshop and event manifested itself


Hello to you, divine beautiful and amazing woman that you are.

Ok I wasn’t sure how to say hello, so I got fancy and really deep.


You can accept that first hello or this second one:) 

Hello my friend and thank you for arriving on the Activate to Elevate website. 

Maybe you are here intentionally or maybe you got lost and you stumbled upon this website by accident and you don’t know why you are here, whatever your reason, let me tell you that I think you are on this website for a reason. 

The reason could be to attend the IGNITE workshop that is coming up on January 18th 2020 or it could be to stay connected and up to date with what will be happening with Activate to Elevate because it can be of help to you or someone you know.


Before going any further, let me introduce myself 

My name is Kay-Ann Ward. I can share so much about myself, what I do and what I’ve done, but I won’t do that here. If you want to read my bio where I brag about what I’ve done and who I’ve done it with then CLICK HERE. If that doesn’t matter please click READ MY BLOG to find out why this workshop is so important, and why I would love to see you there.